Kulumi - A Solar Powered LED Audio lamp

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KULUMI's features include:

  • Powerful 200 lumen LED light (equivalent to a 20W light bulb)
  • Lights up a 20m2 room
  • Dimmable light output that prolongs battery life
  • An Audio Player with 4GB of internal data that can hold up to 200+ hours of audio content.
  • An easy to understand audio management system that speedily delivers different kinds of content
  • Built-in 2W speaker that enables 20 people to hear audio content
  • 5V USB output for charging mobile phones
  • 5Wh battery that provides 2h - 30h of use
  • KULUMI is rechargeable via either a 1.5W Solar panel or 5V DC
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KULUMI is a unique LED inspired audio content delivering platform. It consists of a battery powered LED light, an Audio Player and a Solar Panel. It is the first of its kind and it will help create a brighter tomorrow for millions living in the Developing World.

The name, KULUMI, was derived from two words. N'kulu N'kulu which is a Zulu word for great and Lumen which means light. Together it means the Great Light.

Our goal for 2014 is that KULUMI will impact 100,000 families in the Developing World by providing them adequate lighting, audio education and training in their own language.

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KULUMI patents:

  • 201230592870.4
  • 201220653463.4
  • 201210507346.1

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