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The Developing World

KULUMI was specifically engineered to help people living in the Developing World. The device could be used in various family settings:

Use CasesKULUMI creates a safer environment in the home where the entire family can function better. It can prevent accidents that could result of cooking in bad light. KULUMI is portable so it enables people to get around outside in the dark. Studies have shown that better lighting keeps rodents and snakes away.

KULUMI enables children to study at night by providing better lighting. Normally, children need to help around the house/farm during the day, which forces them to study at night. The lack of proper lighting greatly hampers their ability to study which in turn makes it hard to break the cycle of poverty.

KULUMI enables the whole family to enjoy music or learn through audio based education that is loaded onto the device.

Where available, KULUMI can recharge a mobile phone charge via its 5V USB output. It comes with a separate Solar Panel for regions without power or an AC adapter for regions with access to power / unstable power. Typically regions with access to unstable power may have random access lasting for only 2 hours a day.

Use Cases
Bed Room & Camping

You can also enjoy the multiple benefits that KULUMI offers. KULUMI can be used as a lamp in the bed room which enables you to listening the music before going to bed. It can also be used for a range of outdoor activities like camping and trekking.

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