Development Process

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HTG uses a 5-step product design strategy, often referred to as a Stage-gate design process.

The project proceeds systematically as described in the sections below. At the end of each stage it is required to review the current stage, make amendments if necessary, and preview the future stages in the process. Each stage has specific deliverables, which usually take the form of documents, drawings, or test data.

Stage 1: Project Initiation/Feasibility
Based on a client's concepts and expressed requirements, HTG formulates a Product Requirements Specification. This document along with a formal project proposal is submitted to the client. At this point, HTG encourages its clients to develop their own business case and financial assessment, if they have not already done so.

Stage 2: Preliminary Design
HTG begins design of the product, locates possible suppliers, contacts interested manufacturers, develops a preliminary BOM and cost-up, and generally speaking provides a functional prototype. In this stage HTG will have solved all major technical issues and developed a plan for verification testing.

Stage 3: Formal Design
A detailed product design specification will be created, describing the product's performance and characteristics in quantifiable ways. The outcome of this stage is a collection of technical files that can be used to manufacture the product. During this phase the various components will be selected so that an optimum supply chain solution can be achieved. The complete system will be tested.

Stage 4: Manufacturing Implementation
Typical activities include:

  • Purchase Orders for tooling and production test equipment.
  • Implementation of procurement plan.
  • Finalize verification testing.
  • Conduct regulatory approvals and/or testing such as U/L, CE, etc.
  • Production machinery installed.
  • Initial production run and manufacturing validation.

Stage 5: Mass production
The product is now ready for deployment through sales channels. Products will be produced according to the released purchase orders. Regulatory Agencies conduct regular follow-up visits.

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