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SPA stands for Strategic Partnership Agreement. The essence of the Hope Tech Global SPA is to create a mutually beneficial agreement that is based on a similar vision.

The SPA started out as an agreement that outlined how HTG cooperated with our software design partner iKubu in 2009. In 2011 the SPA agreement began to expand rapidly to include customers and other type of partners.

Today, HTG offers several kinds of Strategic Partners Agreements:

  • Development Partners – The typical SPA is with a company that excel in a specific area of design. A HTG partnership not only provides this company a channel into the China and also back out into the Developing World.
  • Suppliers – HTG has an extensive network of strategic suppliers that help us to leverage the supply chain in China to create the most value for our partners and the people in the Developing World.
  • Organizations – This SPA range from product development to mass manufacturing. In the future HTG will also be able to help with global product distribution into the Developing World.

The SPA has transformed how HTG operate as a company and we believe the SPA can add immense value to your organization.

Please Contact Us to explore more about how we can start to work together to create a Brighter Tomorrow for those living in the Developing World.