Your Partner for Global Impact

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HTG is actively looking to partner with organizations that share our vision of transforming the lives of people living in the Developing World through innovative technology.

HTG can help by :

  • The supply of our own developed products
  • The research and development of Custom Technology that is geared toward helping people in the Developing World

Hope Tech Global is in a very strong position to partner with organizations working in the Developing World because:

  • Our development team are focused on products that add value to people living in the Developing world.
  • Our design process results into very cost effective products
  • Our large and extensive database of manufacturing and component suppliers can scale production rapidly to meet or adjust to demands
  • Our access to an extensive network that already working in the Developing World .This allows us to understand the needs of the people and the technology they require.

This means that HTG can easily take a concept and turn it into a product to meet a technological need in the Developing World. Our end to end to solution can then take this product from the Factory Floor to the Customer Door.

Please see the following pages for more details: