Design Partners

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HTG has a strategic partnership with iKubu, a high-tech product development company based in Stellenbosch, South Africa. They provide complementary services that help HTG to deliver a complete product development solution.

iKubu specializes in developing innovative computer vision and radar systems. This requires a deep understanding of software and electronic hardware, with a strong focus on algorithm development. iKubu follows a well-defined Systems Engineering process to manage complexity on their projects.


ADN DESIGN was founded in 1990. They are a highly specialized industrial design company and currently consists of a team of 8 people. They have completed more than 300 projects and their client base includes top multinational companies like ABB and Siemens. Their headquarters is in Bilbao, Spain and they are at the heart of the exciting urban transformation that the town is undergoing.

ADN DESIGN use state-of-the-art tools to design products and innovation: The Siemens PLM Software CAD NX allows them to work subtly and accurately on the complex geometries of biometric objects –inspired by nature– and the shapes arising from the most demanding usability requirements.