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Can you tell me more about Kulumi's battery life?

Kulumi has a rechargeable 5Wh Li-Ion battery. It is possible to CHOOSE the degrees of illuminations depending on your circumstances. Being tri-directional, you can illuminate one, two or all 3 sides, and then have the option to have them at 10% , 25% , 50% and 100% fully illuminated. For each one of these the battery life will differ.

Below is a breakdown of the battery life using lamp at various brightness settings:

Battery Life

The Audio Player can be used for 14h at 100% volume if the light is not used.

Kulumi should charge 1-2 phones to 100% capacity (phone dependent).

What is the bulb life like?
Kulumi consists of high power LEDs that have a long life. The minimum life of the LEDs at 100% brightness is 5 years. At lower brightness settings you can easily stretch the life of the lamp to more than 10 years. The above estimates is based on using the lamp for 4h everyday.

Kulumi has 3 sides that produce light output which adds to its robustness. Should one side fail after 5 years then the other sides will continue to work.

Does Kulumi have a strap or handle?
The 3 metal rods actually forms a very good handle. You can also use the metal rods to hang it on from a hook, nail or branch.

What is the weight and size of Kulumi?
Weight: 350g (0.8 pounds)
Size: 115mm x 105mm x 155mm (4.5" x 4.1" x 6.1")